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    The list of the detainees was never published. It is known that there were orgies among the Maya that included homosexual sex, but for sodomy you would be condemned to death in a fiery furnace. De las Casas considered the "beastly vice of sodomy as the worst, the most detestable of any human wickedness". Pre-Columbian Mexico[ edit ] The majority of information on the pre-Columbian peoples comes from the reports of the Spanish conquest. Fernando Bruquetas de Castro, in his book "Kings who loved like queens", states that Maximilian I was gay. The legislation was based on the different culture and its customs, among the most notable: Among those sins against nature was naturally sodomy, the sin against nature par excellence. Other indigenous peoples[ edit ] In spite of the puritanism of the Mexica, the sexual customs of the people conquered by the Aztec Empire varied to a great extent. The raid, executed on Calle de la Paz since renamed Cortes in hookers Ciudad Where to find Ezequiel Monteswas against a dance attended by 41 men, of which 22 were dressed as men and 19 as women. The code does not mention sodomy, for it had ceased to be a crime. Cortes in hookers Ciudad Where to find spoke of the Carib custom of capturing young men to those who removed all the masculine organs.

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