Why So Many Moms Feel So Lonely

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    FINAL REMARKS Mothers attributed different meanings to the phenomenon of violence; however, they emphasized physical and sexual violence as the most overwhelming ones, because they are the ones that surround most childhood. Sure, you can pump and leave the babes with your partner. Meanings of violence When the moms Pamplona Lonely in were approached about the meanings attributed in relation to violence, several concepts emerged on the subject, organized into two significant subcategories: And eventually so did those friendships, because we had nothing in common but breastfeeding and babywearing. To lift the deep and abiding loneliness. This subcategory was expressed in their responses, in which they verbalized that they seek to protect their children moms Pamplona Lonely in dialogue printed in terms such as "orientations and conversations," which were the marker of the subcategory: When you say no too often, people start to fade away:

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