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    The presence and protection of the United States Navy in West Africa until prevented any military threat to Liberian territory or independence. The colonists of African-American descent became known Parties Liberia Swing in Americo-Liberians. It will take a long time before agricultural production Parties Liberia Swing in to the level of prior to the Ebola epidemic, and the higher food prices weigh heavily on a population that is already impoverished. Doe retaliated against tribes such as the Gio or Dan and Mano in the north, where most of the coup plotters had come from. It also severed ties with Israel during the Yom Kippur War inbut announced it supported American involvement in the Vietnam War. Freeman suggests that if no candidate gains a majority in the first round and there is a run-off, the opposition parties may well coalesce behind Weah. From tothe U.

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