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    More than years ago, when the Koryo Dynasty on the Korean peninsula came under the Mongols' domination at the end of sluts Chongjin Local in thirty-year warfare during which about half of a million women and children were taken by the Mongolian armythe Korean state was forced to round up young females and send them as kongnyo literally, "tribute women" to the Mongols of the Yuan dynasty for over eighty years. The majority of women, who were socialized to be obedient wives and selflessly devoted mothers, was taught to regard virginity to be more precious than life itself, while a small number of women was trained to entertain men professionally, offering bodily services for sexual recreation. Countless young girls and women in colonized Korea and sluts Chongjin Local in in East Asia and the Pacific islands, whose sluts Chongjin Local in numbers are up to , were forced to engage in sexual servitiude by the imperial Japanese military during the Asia Pacific War Although researchers do not concur about the origin of prostitution as an occupation in Korean society, they typically Many were deceived by "human traders" who lured them with promises of well-paying jobs only to deliver them to brothels and military comfort stations. The term hwanhyangnyo literally, a home-coming woman, referring to the returnee women from China degenerated into hwanyangnyon a promiscuous woman, or a slutto be despised and ill-treated. Many of the returnee women hanged sluts Chongjin Local in, and it is said that their corpses littered the streets. The majority of the young females recruited as comfort sluts Chongjin Local in came from lower classes. When some of the captured women returned home, they were regarded as defiled women and rejected even by their families. Some, however, chose to leave home, not out of economic necessity but in search of independence and freedom from domestic violence against and gendered mistreatment of daughters.

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